Learning while sleeping

Learning in deep sleep - Impossible? Not for long! We are the team smartnap and want to prove to you that learning in deep sleep works and can help millions of people and also you.

With Smartnap you learn up to 300% more efficiently!

What is Smartnap?

The unique technology of the Smartnap app ensures that we can use our deep sleep more efficiently. The app detects your deep sleep using biometric data from a fitness tracker or smartwatch and intesivates so-called attentive phases within our deep sleep phase.
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In these phases, also known as up-states, we consolidate what we have learned during the day. The user can decide whether he or she only wants to reinforce the up-states or whether he or she also wants learning content such as vocabulary to be played through the speakers of his or her smartphone and thus consolidated.
With Smartnap, you strengthen your up-states up to 300% and thus learn up to three times more efficiently.

What sounds like science fiction has now been proven.
Our product idea is scientifically based. You can find several studies on this topic under the menu tab Evidence.

1. Connect fitness tracker

Turn on your fitness tracker / smartwatch and connect to our app.

2. Go to sleep

Activate the app, lie down in bed, close your eyes and go to sleep.

3. Stimulate up-states

Smartnap uses biometric data to detect your deep sleep and stimulate up-states.

4. Wake up

Overnight, Smartnap stimulates new synaptic connections in your brain.

Humans can record and memorize associative, verbal information in the deep sleep phase. The deep sleep phase has great potential for synaptic connections.

Marc Alain Züst

University of Bern (2019)

6 good reasons to use Smartnap

Why Smartnap?

Useful for everyone

Even when you're not actively studying for something, Smartnap helps you better process what you've done and boosts your brain power.

For all ages

Smartnap is for everyone - no matter how old or young. It is even believed that this way of learning has a preventive and positive effect on dementia.

Learning without effort

Since the learning content is played back at night or what you have learned during the day is consolidated, there is no additional effort on your part.

Efficient and well-structured

Our app is clear and constant updates make it easier and easier to use Smartnap.

Learn languages faster

Smartnap is great for learning new languages, among other things.

A special way to learn

Learn while you sleep? - A new and special way to learn!

Makes learning at night even easier

Also for the Apple Watch

In addition to a variety of fitness trackers, the Apple Watch can also be used to track deep sleep. We have developed our own app for watchOS for this purpose.

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