Frequently Asked Questions

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Smartnap is a learning app. It helps pupils and students who want to learn more effectively by enabling them to subconsciously absorb and remember information while they sleep.

A fitness tracker, a smartwatch (alternatively, Smartnap can also work exclusively with the data from your smartphone) and comfortable headphones or the speakers of your smartphone. And of course, don't forget: Our Smartnap app!

The probability of success in learning new content or vocabulary is 60%. The 60% refers to the scientific proof in which it was quantitatively proven that the students could reproduce 60% of the vocabulary played to them the next day.

A fitness tracker or smartwatch is required to use our app. This is worn during the night and can thus recognise the deep sleep phase. Smartnap can also read the data from the smartphone, but this method is less accurate.
This is where Smartnap comes in. With the help of our app, learning content can be played during the deep sleep phase. This is perceived subconsciously through headphones or speakers.

First you need our Smartnap app. It would also be good to have a smartwatch or fitness tracker. The tracker or smartwatch helps the app to recognise the beginning of your deep sleep phase.
Our app recognises the attentive phases within the deep sleep phase and plays your learning content such as vocabulary with a targeted algorithm. The incredible thing about it: You won't even notice that you're learning anything. Because the whole learning process happens subconsciously in your brain!

We cannot say anything about this at the moment because we simply do not have the necessary data to evaluate it. But yes, we assume that the learning success decreases with increasing age.
However, this does not mean that it is any less useful to use our method. On the contrary, with Smartnap it is possible to better maintain memory over the years and thus reduce the risk of dementia.

Already after the first use of our app, improvements in remembering the information can be noticed. In addition, the more often you repeat the learning content with the Smartnap app, the easier it is to recall the information. However, good learning success also requires healthy sleep. Users with severe sleep disorders should refrain from using Smartnap.

Yes, however, it should be noted that it may be more useful to learn in blocks rather than covering several learning areas in parallel, as it has been scientifically proven that repeated interval learning is more effective in fostering long-term neural connections.

Yes and no. Since you have absorbed the learning content subconsciously, you will not actively remember the next day which vocabulary you have learned. Rather, you will notice it over time.
For example, if you are asked specifically for this vocabulary, you are likely to recall the vocabulary.

It depends on how good and long your deep sleep is. The app also shows you how long your session will be.
As a maximum value, we see one hour for learning in deep sleep. This corresponds to about 200 vocabulary words per night. However, we recommend learning between 50 and 100 vocabulary words. This is much more efficient and has a higher probability of success!