Our prototype

Here you will always find the latest version of our current prototype. This way you will always be up to date and can familiarise yourself with our app. As soon as the app is fully developed, there is no reason why you shouldn't start learning in deep sleep.

The app

As soon as you open the app, you will receive a short introduction as well as a detailed overview of your last nights.
In the menu bar you will find the most important sub-items.

The home screen

After using Smartnap overnight, you will see a detailed overview of your last workout on the start page.

The training

Here you must first decide between two different modes. Once this is done, you can start learning in your sleep with the selected mode.


Modify the sleep analysis, connect to your fitness tracker, smartwatch or heart rate monitor and various other settings.

Choose mode

In the introduction, one sets one of two modes. Later, you can change this mode at any time under the menu item Training.

Sleep learning

Learning content previously stored in sessions is replayed and consolidated at night during up-states.


The up-states are strengthened exclusively without additional learning content being played. The brain processes what it learns during the day up to 300% better.

Create session

If you are in Sleep learning mode, you will find your sessions under the menu item Training. You can sort them by different parameters, edit them, delete them and of course create new ones.
To create a new session, first select the recording method.


Simply use the camera on your smartphone to scan learning content. The app recognises written text in print and incorporates it into your session.


This feature makes it easy to dictate learning content and import it into your session.


Or you can use the simplest option and simply type in your learning content.


You can also look for learning boxes in the library. Simply select a subject area and download the box. This feature will probably only be available later.